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It's A Great Day To Work In Lethbridge, AB

Job Number 00004047 (scroll down to apply)
Position Title Temporary Industrial Positions Available
Location Lethbridge, AB
Job Description
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Are you looking for work? Interested in temporary or casual work that can be flexible around your life?

Select People Solutions is looking for candidates that are interested in temporary or casual industrial positions.

We have a variety of positions that come available in the following areas, such as:


*Construction commercial and residential sites

*Machine Operators forklift, scissor lift, etc


Qualified candidates will:

*Be reliable and punctual

*Have a positive attitude

*Have a willingness to learn new skills and new environments

Compensation and Hours:

*Weekly Pay

*Pay rate dependent on work requirements and skill set

*Flexible hours: positions can be a couple hours, couple days, couple weeks or longer!

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For your reference, this Job Number is: 00004047.

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Last Update: October 26, 2015