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It's A Great Day To Work In Lethbridge, AB

Job Number 0000464R (scroll down to apply)
Position Title Director of Operations
Location Lethbridge, AB
Job Description

Our client is in search of a Director of Operations for their manufacturing company. This progressive company constantly takes strides forward: they evolve, they transform, they improve, and they advance within the industry! So, are you the integrator, the relationship builder, and the difference maker? Candidates will not be considered without 3+ years in manufacturing.


What’s in it for You?

  • Bonus & Profit Sharing
  • Extensive benefits
  • Stable employment
  • Relocation Assistance
  • The ability to contribute to the wellbeing and success of 120+ staff members
  • Meaningful work with strategic influence
  • The opportunity to relocate to a mid-sized city and still earn a big-city salary


Compensation & Hours:

  • The base salary is expected to be $100K - $120K base plus bonus/profit sharing
  • Participation in a generous company pension plan after one year of service
  • Monday to Friday, daytime hours
  • Relocation assistance


Position Summary:

  • Bringing an analytical and data-driven approach to problem solving and decision making; challenging the status quo when there is valid reason to change paths
  • Being the orchestrator of ideas; seeing the finish line and strategically developing processes
  • Creating a unique customer service experience by being adaptable and adding them genuine value; ensuring products exceed customers quality standards
  • Overseeing inventory, product progression, and overall workflow; continuously striving for improvement in safety, quality, and production
  • Participate on the EHSC and workplace inspections
  • Anticipating facility targets for quality and production deadlines; identifying market trends
  • Overseeing the green belts responsible for continuous improvement projects


Required Qualifications:

  • WILL NOT CONSIDER without a minimum of 3 consecutive years in a senior Management role
  • MUST have manufacturing experience
  • Post-secondary education in Business Administration, Manufacturing, or Engineering
  • Can relate to people of all levels; creating sturdy foundations that allow for authentic relationships
  • Ability to hold staff and management accountable, as well as oneself, in a positive way
  • Confident in making difficult but sound decisions, and then executing effectively


Core Competencies:

  • Customer Focus, Communication, Teamwork, Quality Orientation, Time Management, Adaptability/Flexibility, Creative and Innovative Thinking, Decision Making and Judgement, Planning and Organizing, Problem Solving, Results Focus, Accountability and Dependability, Ethics/Integrity and Mediating.


Bonus Points For:

  • Lean Six Sigma Certified
  • Metal Manufacturing experience


Other Companies Call this Role:

  • Plant Manager

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Last Update: April 1, 2021